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Rees William Davis


The Island below in Canada on the Churchill River is named after Rees William Davis.


Rees William Davis was the superintendent of an island community that built and ran a power plant on the Churchill River in Canada. Originally that community was named Island Falls, but in 1958, when Rees retired and returned to Bountiful, Utah, the island where the community used to exist was renamed to DAVIS ISLAND.

This is a picture of the power plant:


Rees William Davis was born 5 July 1893, in Springville, Utah, to James David Davis and Melissa Jane Avery.

In 1895, also in Fairview, James David and Melissa had a baby girl in 1895 who died on the same day.

In 1896, James and Melissa moved to Fairview, Utah, where they had another son, James David Davis, Jr.

And finally, in Fairview, James David and Melissa had another son, Franklin LeRoy Davis.

Around 1900 they moved to Milo, Idaho. In 1906, about the time of the San Francisco Earthquake, James David Davis was killed in a grain elevator accident.

After this tragic event, Melissa married another man, Charles Cole, and the family moved to Canada.

Rees William Davis was a great help to his brother, Franklin LeRoy Davis. Franklin LeRoy Davis went by Roy Davis. This is his tribute to his brother, Rees:

This record would not be complete without expressing my gratitude to my ever watchful and tutoring brother Rees. He was a much faster thinker than I and not just because he was older - probably a better brain - maybe a three to five talent basis. The greatest tribute probably I can in sincerety give him is:

As a boy, a young man and as a man he was my measuring stick. He might have fallen short the goal at times but I always knew what was in his heart.

On 31 May 1931, Rees William Davis married Chlo Willams in Bountiful, Utah.

Rees and Chlo had the following children:

Richard (Dick) Davis

Helen Davis

Dorothy Davis

David (Bud) Davis

Rees William Davis died in Bountiful, Utah, 14 Apr 1980.

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